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Hi! My name is Dave MansulIa. I served in the USAF during the Cold War years. Being a part of the military family is an important part of my life. I try to always bring that same sense of honor and pride into each solar job we take on. In my opinion, that spirit, combined with high tech, helps us win our conflicts. It is high-tech solar that will help save you money and help save our environment.

You're experience as you learn about solar, making choices that are right for you and your home and ultimately realizing the joys of solar ownership matters to me. I have many years of providing excellent customer service and customer delight, so you will be happy to refer me to your friends and family for many years to come! This client centric business focus, combined with the world’s best solar products and warranties is what you will get when you go solar with Suntastic Solutions.

I look forward to being your guide through the many decisions you have in front of you. Let's put solar at your fingertips and start to save you money!

Suntastic Solutions


I cannot recommend Dave & Suntastic Solutions enough! He listens to all the concerns, he answers all the questions and more importantly he knows his stuff! I interviewed one of his competitors and when I told him I was looking at SunPower with Dave, he said, “ I can’t beat their quality and price.”. (No really! He said that!). Dave really wants the best for you and your situation, he understands that it’s a big investment and he really knows what he’s talking about. And moreover, he won’t oversell you! He will make a recommendation and give you options. He is truly in it for the service! Thanks, Dave!

I highly recommend David and Suntastic Solutions for all of your solar needs. David was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely efficient in helping to make the transition to solar. Going solar was the best thing we could have done from a financial standpoint as well as thinking about the environment. David was able to direct and advise us from start to finish with our project and we are so grateful for the experience. A big thank you to David for a job well done. We recommend his services to all!

Dave Mansulla, owner of Suntastic Solutions, has been a real pleasure to work with. He answered our many questions patiently and involved our whole family in the decision to go solar via in person visits and Zoom. We are extremely happy with our decision and can't wait to realize the savings and positive impact on the planet!! SUNPOWER has a superior product and the installation crew has been amazing! Very professional, knowledgeable and perfectly on time! Same great feeling from the corporate office!”

Right from the start of the process it has been an easy going experience. Everyone that I spoke to / dealt with was knowledgeable and polite. They stick to their appointment times and show up when they say they are going to. Beautiful, well-built product compared to others on the market. Great
warranty package as well. In the end highly recommend Dave Mansulla with Suntastic Solutions (SunPower Elite Dealer).

We love our SunPower system! We love being able to see how many kWh’s we are producing and using and putting back on the grid at any moment's notice and over time... ( Right from our phone ) Even in the Winter we are still producing enough solar power to run our home and put a little back on the grid!

Todd-Stonington CT

We would highly recommend David and Suntastic Solutions to anyone who is in the market for a solar system. David was extremely knowledgeable and very professional in helping us make the transition to solar with the right size system. I investigated going solar for several years before pulling the trigger. During that time I talked with many residential solar companies and researched their records on both Better Business Bureau and other consumer complaint websites. There is a reason David consistently gets such glowing customer reviews. After speaking with David during our first meeting I knew the choice to go with Suntastic Solutions was a "No Brainer" He far exceeded all of my expectations and often went above and beyond to ensure our complete satisfaction. I was very impressed by David, the SunPower team, and the outstanding quality of our solar system. The SunPower installation team was amazing, the quality of the installation, the knowledge of the installers, and the system components far exceed my expectations. I would say if you are on the fence about going solar, you owe it to yourself to CALL DAVE NOW! A BIG THANK YOU to David for a job well done!