Better Technology = Bigger Savings!

SunPower guarantees you in writing 92% efficiency at year 25! How is this possible? By designing and manufacturing superior technology to save homeowners money! Copper-backed panels, thick, robust connections, even their cord control is designed to last for decades! Your solar system will go through blistering heat to bitter cold. Do you want a durable system, backed by a great 25-year warranty, that will produce savings you will be bragging about? That’s exactly what we’re offering you here!

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You have questions? We have the answers!

You and your loved ones will have a lot of questions about going solar.

  • Is your home right for solar?

  • How much can I save?

  • How does Net Metering work?

  • Can I add on batteries?

  • Can I monitor the performance of my system?

  • Can I charge my EV at home?

  • Can I add on to my solar system?

  • What’s best for me, Lease, Loan, or cash deal?

And much more!
This is not your typical cookie-cutter solar sold in big box stores. We want to design the solar system of your dreams, and that comes from learning our clients' needs for today and in the future. We will ask you a lot of questions, too, before we start to design your unique solar system!

Suntastic Solutions

Latest Technology

How can you have a truly smart home without first having a smartly powered home?!

  • SunPower's solar monitoring systems let you see your solar production right on your smartphone!

  • SunVault batteries put you in charge during a power outage! No need for loud high maintenance generators!